Electrical Products, Inc. has been in business for over 28 years and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our agency markets to the commercial, industrial and residential markets with a dedicated specification and end user staff. Our company is made up of experienced business professionals who we feel are the best in the business whether it is sales specification, job site support, administration or warehousing.
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Covering Georgia, Alabama and The Florida Panhandle. Click the links or logos below to visit manufacturers' websites.

AFC Cable Systems

AFC Cable Systems

MC & AC Cables, Fire Alarm/Control FPLP/MC Cables, Fittings, Flexible Conduits, Liquid-Tuff™ liquidtight conduits, Fixture Whips, Steel Fittings. Uni-Fab.

» www.afcweb.com

Allied Tube & Conduit

Steel conduit: EMT, Rigid, IMC, Kwik-Fit EMT, Kwik-Couple Rigid/IMC, True Color EMT. Steel Elbows, Couplings, Nipples. Aluminum conduit and fittings. PVC conduit and fittings.

» www.alliedeg.us

Black Guard

PVC coated GRC and Aluminum conduit and conduit fittings

» www.nec-inc.com


EMERGENSEE® Exit Lighting, Combo Lighting, Life-Safety Lighting Accessories, Fluorescent Emergency Battery Packs, Large Emergency Inverters, Mini & Micro Inverters

» www.emergenseelight.com


Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel Ladder, HAT, and Trof Tray. Steel and Aluminun Channel Tray. Fiberglass Ladder Tray. Steel Wire Mesh Basket. Aluminum Centipede Center Hung Tray.

» www.tjcope.com

Konkore Fittings

Universal Super Fitting, Steel EMT Fittings, Steel & Cast Iron Rigid Fittings, Steel & Cast Iron Liquidtight and Flex Fittings, Cord Grips, Malleable Iron and Aluminum Conduit.

» www.konkorefittings.com


Framing systems including: Channels, Fittings, and Accessories.

» www.power-strut.com


Galvanized or painted steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and fiberglass enclosures including standard as well as custom and modified enclosures. UL Type 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X and 12 available.

» www.e-boxenclosures.com

E-Mon - Energy Monitoring Products

Single- and three-phase electronic submetering including data collectors, multi-meter cabinets and software for automatic meter reading.

» www.emon.com

General Cable

Carol Brand® Super Vu-Tron Supreme®, Portable Cord, Welding, Thermostat, MTW, W's/G's/G-GC's and DLO. Alarm & Security, Instrumentation & Control, Audio & Video, Category & Communication Cables. Low & Medium Voltage Cables to 35KV.

» www.generalcable.com

Stabiloy Brand

Aluminum Building Wire, XHHW, USE, SER, Mobile Home Cable, MC, Feederplex, Overhead and Underground Utility Cables, Bare Overhead Conductors, Covered Overhead Line Wire.

» www.stabiloy.com

Halco Lighting

Lamps: Incadescent, LED, Compact and Linear Fluorescent, HID and Specialty. Ballast: Electronic Fluorescent, Electronic Sign, Compact Fluorescent, HID Electronic and Electromagnetic.

» www.halcolighting.com

Lighting Group of America

LED Outdoor Lighting, HID Outdoor Lighting, Poles and Hardware.

» www.lganow.com

Lind Equipment

Portable LED lighting, portable power, static grounding, and GFCI products.

» www.lindequipment.net

MGM Transformer

Dry Type and Liquid filled Substation Transformers. Dry Type and Liquid filled Drive Isolation Transformers. Special Design Dry Type Transformers. 600V Class Transformers.

» www.mgmtransformer.com

Nehring Electrical Works Company

Bare and insulated copper and aluminum wire, ACSR, AAC, ACSS, AAAC, aluminum-clad steel, copper-clad steel, building wire, underground power cables, ground rods, and medium voltage cables.

» www.nehringwire.com

Precision Multiple Controls, Inc.

Multi Controls, Wire in Photo Controls, Time Switches, In-Wall Timers, Photocells, Solar Outdoor Lighting, Multiple Lighting Relays.

» www.precisionmulticontrols.com


Industrial Strength Electrical Connectors and Wire Mesh Grips. Tuff-Seal® Cable Connectors & Cord Grips, Wire Mesh Cable Grips & Tuff-Link® Molded Connectors. Aluminum Liquidtight Connectors. Solar Liquidtight Cord Grips. EMC 4 Dome Cap Cable Glands. Drain Fittings

» www.remke.com

Republic Wire Inc.

Copper Building Wire THHN, TFFN, NM-B, XHHW-2, USE-2, Bare Copper, PV Cable.

» www.republicwire.com

Seatek Co. Inc.

Armored cable cutters, cable strippers, motorized cutters, labor savings tools and accessories.

» www.seatekco.com

Southern Grounding Products

Galvanized and Copperclad Ground Rods and Accessories.

» www.southerngroundingproducts.com